About Artemis Consulting

The single most important asset in any firm is its people

At Artemis Consulting, our mission is to find the highest quality candidates who will be transformational to your business. We are a full service executive search firm. A passion for our work, dedication to our clients, respect for the candidates, and an unwavering persistence in our approach is what has built our reputation as one of the best in the industry.

Every relationship and every assignment that Artemis Consulting enters into is governed by the overarching ethical standards of professionalism, integrity and loyalty.

Artemis Consulting is a Women-Owned Business

For Clients

Artemis Consulting delivers a bespoke suite of recruiting services to help you, our client, hire the best talent.

  • The recruiters at Artemis hold invaluable holistic knowledge of our clients, their culture and how to best find the most compatible candidates
  • We are ceaselessly connected to a fluid candidate pipeline effectively delivering access to the identification of burgeoning talent as well as less visible top prospects.
  • Artemis Consulting offers current reconnaissance vis-à-vis market and hiring conditions as well as a cogent understanding of compensation metrics.
  • Our participation in the process is indispensable when entering the compensation and negotiation stage. The Artemis team is familiar with the nuances of structuring compensation parameters, as well as how to ensure both the client and candidate are mutually satisfied.
  • With our wealth of experience, Artemis search consultants offer a unique peripheral capability to help both the client and the candidate overcome sensitive situations or challenges during the hiring process.

For Candidates

We work to build a professional relationship with you around honesty and respect. In order to be successful we must gain your trust. We accomplish this by:

  • Using discretion
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Understanding your personal motivations
  • Communicating clearly
  • Being respectful of your time and efforts
  • Providing timely feedback
  • Disclosing accurate assessments
  • Treating you professionally

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